The First 48

From the moment i woke up to the moment i laid my head back on the pillow to sleep, media was in my face. From my phone, to the radio, to the internet, to the television, even to my roommates new Xbox that i always hear blaring through the thin walls of our apartment- media was everywhere and i hadn’t even stepped out of my building. This got me thinking….What else do we get more exposure of? What other outlet is so in our face?

Nothing. Simply nothing. so my day began….

I woke up to a loud buzz; My mom thought it was a sweet idea to call my cool new gold iPhone at  10:37 AM on a Friday.


Now notice how i just refereed to my phone. That is outright ridiculous. Just goes to show how much importance this  material object has in my world. So as i crawled out of bed i began to take notice of all the media around me. From around 12 in the afternoon to 5 in the evening the cycle began. I laid myself on my couch and began watching The USA Vs. Canada semifinal match. Throughout the entire showdown, i found myself checking my phone, scrolling through twitter and Facebook to see if any of my so called followers and friends had any quality comments to say about the game. Collectively, i “swiped to unlock” over 25 times during the duration of the game. I bounced around from apps like Snapchat and Vine to Flappy bird and i guess more Flappy Bird….My high score of 71 leads all of my roommates.

Luckily Hockey doesn’t warrant for many commercials, but the ones they did play certainly did not grasp my attention; except that Brick Bodies one…that song is far too catchy. Something i did notice though was the types of commercials they would play during the game. Every commercial seemed tailored for a male audience. Little if no commercials involved specifically women targeted products,  while many others focused their pursuits on alcohol or Truck sales.

After the heartbreaking loss to the Canadians, i decided to compose my time doing something else… just kidding, i put on the latest episodes of Kroll Show and True Detective, via the on demand service of Comcast.

A few hours later i eventually mustered up enough energy to go to the gym, where i was smacked right there in the face with more media. The gym in my building has 3 TVs, all of which are hooked up to the treadmills. In order to enjoy my workout, i threw my headphones on and began listening to iTunes radio.

An hour and a ton of cellular data used later, i was done working out and up in my apartment. The rest of the night was rather media free. I Spent the remaining hours watching Gravity with my girlfriend, periodically checking Twitter and Snapchat,  and turned in an early night. Tomorrow would be a big day, cause i’ll be getting a puppy.

The second day of logging media was a bit different. I woke up and really made a conscious effort to notice all the media i would be experiencing throughout the day. The common ritual of waking up and checking my phone continued as i lay in bed. Like clockwork i was back to answering texts and checking my two favorite apps it seemed, Snapchat and Twitter. Not long did i lay there though, for i was a on mission to obtain my very first puppy.

I got in the car, eager to begin my journey to Fawn Grove, Pa to retrieve my puppyleo1 leo2 leo3

This was going to be a 47 minute journey. So Instead of listening to the radio, i connected my Iphone to my car to drown out the silence with some of my favorite songs. Surprisingly, i noticed no billboards or intense advertisements. Instead, i drove through the hills, mountains, and plains of Northern Maryland and southern Pennsylvania.

After having been conscious of my media usage for almost two days, i really began to feel a sense of appreciation for this small amount of isolation i was receiving. The rolling hills, wooded mountains, and simple lifestyles seemed to outweigh any desire i had to stare at a billboard or advertisement. The people in the surrounding area did not seem to care for such petty luxuries as my “gold Iphone”. I began thinking that tomorrow, the day i use no media, would not be as challenging as i first expected. If all these people of Fawn Grove, Pa could live such simple lifestyles, then why couldn’t I for one day?

After returning home, the rest of my evening was spent prepping my apartment for a puppy, rather than focusing on media. I did not watch a single minute of TV nor go on the internet; instead, a bunch of my neighboring friends came to visit and play with my new puppy.


I still continued to abuse snapchat- it was my outlet of choice to show my new pup to all my friends. I would Consistently update my snapchat story with another picture or video of him yawning, playing, or chewing .                                             snapchat

At the end of two days, I truly noticed which outlet i give the most attention to. My phone dominates so much of my life. My two favorite apps were most certainly snapchat and twitter, which did not surprise me at all. Both apps are such simple, quick ways to project multiple points of views, events, and moments at the click of a button. Between apps, games, social networking, and texting, i rarely seem to put down my phone. This was just the beginning however…Tomorrow would be the real test.


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