The Last 24

So 24 hours without media? should be crazy? should be insane? how will i ever survive? Easily actually. Much easier than expected. The previous two days of constant media exposure opened up my eyes and made this little social experiment tolerable and kind of enjoyable. Today allowed for a total shutoff to the outside world. It was actually liberating. I felt like i was free from anyone and everyone. My entire day without media wasn’t entirely perfectly completed, but certainly fell close

.cell phone

I was able to stay away from my phones capabilities that were not available in the 90s, therefor only using it’s purpose for  answering texts and phone calls. At first, Snapchat and twitter definitely were on my mind, making it the most challenging aspect of this experiment. I found it hard to constantly remind myself not to check these apps. I would constantly grab my phone, unlock it, and go to click on either of those apps. I caught myself every time, denying any chance of inner cellular pleasure.

Because i had a new puppy at home, social media distractions were not in focus. Canceling tv and internet in my life for the day was extremely easy. I used other outlets like playing with my puppy and throwing the football around with my friends as entertainment.


The only strong taste of media i truly received was uptown when i was eating at Burger Bros for lunch. I unavoidably was forced to listen to their restaurant radio as i ate and waited for food. I actually was pretty upset when my streak of no media usage was broken by this.

The car rides to and from my apartment building were filled with not the sound of hip hop and house beats, but the noises of natural every day life. The sun was shining and the air was warm. Listening to the noises of nature in this urban area was a bit more rewarding than hearing the same musical synths over and over.

I guess i picked a great day to try this experiment. No one in my apartment was really around  during the day to create an involuntary exposure to media. When they did return at night, they locked themselves in their rooms to finish homework. In the end, this experiment could only work if i applied myself to it and saw the purpose  to it.

It’s insane how you easily can recognize all the habits you have created through media consumption. I thought it was even cooler breaking some of those habits. I actually liked the feeling i got; it made me feel like a new man…


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