The Power of Products

I have been watching a ton of movies lately, but one that sticks out in my mind is the movie, Elysium, staring Matt Damon. This futuristic film paints a picture of the lives of the elites compared to the lives of the common folk on earth.  Earth has turned into a dark, dystopian, socImageiety where robots control the land through brute force and facial recognition. The rich and elite have left the planet and begun living on a “perfect” man-made space station, called Elysium. This space station has created its own atmosphere, allowing the wealthy to experience outside land they can walk on and fresh air they can breathe.Image

On Elysium, there are medical technologies that can cure any illness. The supposedly uneducated, poor, and sick live down on the garbage filled streets of earth. They all desperately want to make it to Elysium and live the life the rich do. The only way to get to the constructed planet is by personal space crafts the wealthy own or a lottery shuttle ticket that takes you to the planet illegally.

The movie follows the life of Matt Damon, who works with radioactive storage crates. His character accidentally gets trapped in a crate, exposing him to massive amounts of radiation. Upon waking up in a hospital, he is told he only has 5 days to live. Damon, who is extremely desperate to heal himself and save his life, plans to find a way to Elysium.  Low and behold, Damon used to be a criminal and is offered an illegal job by one of his accomplices that may grant him access to a shuttle ride up to Elysium.  He takes the job and is able to earn his way to Elysium…. The rest you have to watch.Image

What really caught my attention from this film was the product placement. I thought it was extremely cool to Imagesee the futuristic aspects of these products. For example, the main product that stuck out in my mind was the Bugatti space crafts. These were considered the exotic cars of the future that would carry the elites from Elysium to their businesses down on earth. I feel as though the audience would certainly notice and remember this brand because of the intriguing and futuristic designs of the space craft. The exotic shuttle sported the typical Red and Black Bugatti colors and symbol, making it extremely easy to identify. Bugatti was not the only product to be used by the wealthy; medical pods also were created by the brand Versace.Image

In a recent article, the Director of the film was quoted in saying that he created these Bugatti shuttles and Versace medical pods in order to present an accurate representation of the lives’ of the elite. The fact that these products are still around 150 years in the future shows a certain resilience and overall success from these companies. The extra-prestigious nature of the products propels it over other high quality brands, earning access into the futuristic lives of the extremely wealthy.