“It’s Not for Women”

Dear Brian L. Roberts,

I’m writing to you, the CEO of Comcast, a letter regarding a certain commercial you allowed to air in the recent past. This commercial is from an extremely sexist campaign that Dr. Pepper came out with and advertised. The product was Dr. Pepper’s low calorie soft drink, Dr. Pepper Ten. This soda, was given the slogan “Not for women” by the Dr. Pepper Snapple group.  They used this slogan in a variety of advertisements, but more specifically, commercials airing on your cable network.Image

Immediately, this sexist slogan turns heads and grabs the public’s attention through its unethical and offensive techniques. Dr. Pepper offers this new soft drink to the public, claiming that the low combination of calories, yet same amount of sugars, cannot be handled by women.Image Not only does this campaign go out of its way to avoid women, it also downplays the intelligence of men through self-mocking advertisements and helps to cement stereotypes of “manly men”. In one scene of the commercial, the manly man who is drinking Dr. Pepper Ten proclaims, “Hey ladies. Enjoying the film? Of course not. Because this is our movie and this is our soda…You can keep the romantic comedies and lady drinks. We’re good.” Not only is this advertisement purposely trying to offend women and denounce their importance, but it also helps to establish gender roles.  Among many other things, the ad is essentially saying men cannot enjoy romantic comedies because they are too “girly”. It is saying to the public that certain products and beliefs are only for men and other products and values are for women. When in reality, this belief is old-fashioned and attempts to hold back men and women’s ability to flourish in whatever they choose.


Do you reaImagelly want your network to be associated with these sexist values, beliefs and stereotypes? By airing this commercial, you are essentially saying “yes” to sexism. You, therefor, are not a progressive person who would shy away from such traditional, stubborn, and ignorant representations of a product. Instead, your closed-minded attitude is portrayed to the entire nation by choosing to air this commercial. What is the message that you wish to present to children? That all men should be machos and
women aren’t tough enough to drink a certain beverage?  Again, these are certain, idiotic beliefs and messages that have no place in our homes, society, and lives.

This advertisement can be extremely detrimental on the youth.  In a day and age where products have enormous control over consumers, it’s sad to see you support such a product that very well supplements gender roles and sexism. It seems like a step in the entirely wrong direction from your network, especially in a society that is so eager to create a new, equal opportunity, world.

Do something,




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