Free Pizza?

Last weekend, May 3rd and 4th, I attended Towson’s annual Towsontown Spring Festival. I had a great time, enjoying the sights, sounds, atmosphere, and ambiance. The weather held up for the most part, allowing a plethora of companies and businesses  to set up shop, all ready and willintopg to present their products and ideas to happy spirited festival goes. The festival was held in the middle of Towson’s uptown streets, with vendor’s lining both sides of the curb. There were a mixture of tents, food trucks, and stands, all with intent to further their customer relationships. As I approached the festival from my short walk into town, I noticed the influx of people, loud noises, and of course the smell of food.  This got me thinking, what should I have to eat?

I paced the streets frantically searching for my next meal.  Every stand looked too good, making my decision nearly impossible. I was hoping one vendor would use other tactics than large, colorful signs with massive lettering to lure me in and make my decision easier. Then, it happened.

Ristorante Pizza
, one of the festival’s sponsors, was giving out free slices of pizzas. Wait, how could that be? Free pizza? That’s like getting first row Beyoncé tickets. I was sold immediately. I got in line and began to receive free pizza slice after free pizza slice.  From pepperoni, to meat lovers, to vegetable slices, to pineapple, they were serving it all. This promotional tactic remains to be my all-time favorite technique to experience a product; free sampling, isn’t it great?

   I was first attracted to this stand because of the large bald man in an old style pizzeria uniform shouting “FREE PIZZA”. This got my attention immediately.  Once in line, I was briefly debriefed about the product and was given a set of coupons. Before I ever tried it, I was informed it was frozen pizza by the workers. With the coupon in my hands, and this new information, I was eager to turn back out of line and try my luck else-wear; however, that is not what happened. I consumed slice after slice, filling my stomach to satisfaction.

Usually, I would forget about these promotional coupons, crumbling them into balls on my desk. But this time was different. Maybe it was the fact that I felt comfort in this pizza. Or maybe it’s because I’m a broke college student. Either way, I would make sure to use these coupons. The tactic to give away free samples of the product truly was successful.   A few days after, when I went to Safeway, I used the coupons to buy 2 boxes of Ristorante frozen Pizza.  If it were not for the Towsontown Festival and Ristorante’s promotional unit, I would not have bought their product.



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