Job= InstaGONE

It should be no surprise at this point- Social media can get you in trouble. You know it, I know it, we all know it. Social media websites are the most visited websites on the internet. Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are being used and seen by everyone and anyone.


This poses a serious threat for younger people trying to enter the workforce and has created a pretty prevalent issue; is the content on our social media pages affecting our ability to get a job? The answer is an obvious yes, but I researched the issue to find a more in depth explanation, eventually uncovering an article from Forbes.

What I got out of this article, which really aided me, was yes employers are looking at your profile, and for a variety of reasons. Employers and recruiters are using social media in multiple phases of the job selection process. Employers are originally looking up a candidate to see if you present yourself in a professional manner, are company cultured, have the proper qualifications, and to search for reasons not to hire you. According to a survey with CareerBuilder, Employers are slow to hire after finding inappropriate photos, posts, evidence of drinking/ drugs use, and bad mouthed posts about former employers.

The article goes on to say that employers are also looking for information to give you a boost in the competition. They are searching for something positive on your profile to supplement your other qualities. Instead of only worrying about what you should take off your social networking profiles, it is important to think about building up your profile in a way that represents your character, productivity, creativity, and skills in a positive manner.

It is also important to be active on your social networking site, sharing articles and commenting on group posts. Employers look for key traits like those when deciding who will be the right fit.


My take on this article is purely attentive. As someone who is planning on entering the workforce in the very near future, these facts and tips will remain to be extremely helpful for me. I think everything that was written in the article is very important. In order to get a job by beating out the next guy, the modern person must be well rounded, way beyond just a resume and cover letter.
I enjoyed the fact that this article used raw survey data of potential employers from two different survey outlets; however, I thought the survey could have been from this past year.

Your online footprint says a lot about you. Before the last year or two, I had no idea these social networking sites could really affect my job search. Many students, including myself, did not realize the potential impact. Luckily, through online awareness articles and Towson career speakers, I now understand the importance of social media awareness.



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